Brain Gym® Courses

Here is a list of upcoming approved courses that count towards licensure and/or re-licensure. All licensed instructors are independent contractors and therefore handle their own course registration process including fees, schedules, and locations. A sponsor is also an independent contractor and is someone who hires an instructor to come and teach a course for them. Please contact the instructor or sponsor directly for more information.

Brain Gym® International (BGI) licenses instructors to use the work in a responsible and ethical manner. While BGI can influence the course content, it cannot control the business decisions independent contractors make.

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*Course prices vary by instructor and location. Please contact sponsor for current price.

*Pilot courses can be taken for re-licensure only and are identified in parenthesis as (*P*).

*Other classes may count towards the requirements listed. For more information please contact the foundation.

*Of the 96 elective credits required for licensure, up to 16 credits may come from specialty courses 1-99, which adapt the Brain Gym work.

10 - Switched-On Golf® (SOG) 8 Hours
This eight-hour course combines the skills and inner discipline of golf with Educational Kinesiology balances and movements. Learn the buddy system and self-referral processes, Brain Gym activities and the soft skills of golf. The integrated golfer moves from "try" to "natural" for a whole new golf experience. Open to all.
20 - Switched-On Selling (SOS) 8 Hours
This 8 hr course teaches a sales training system unlike anything you've ever experienced bringing a dramatically higher level of success. The Switched-On Selling™ Seminar is an exciting new concept for improving sales. It is different, unique, and geared for everyone from the beginning sales person to those who have achieved a high level of success and would like to move to the top of their profession. The Switched-On-Selling™ Seminar does not include a single sales technique during the entire day. Instead Brain Gym activities are applied to the sales process. As Master Sales Trainer William T. Brooks discovered, "this one-day seminar will eliminate your personal barriers to being a more successful salesperson." Accredited by the National Association of Sales Professionals. Open to all.
21 - Switched-On Selling Instructor Training & Certification (SOSI) 24 Hours
Become certified to teach the "Switched on Selling" course (see above) and improve your own sales performance as well. Accredited by the National Association of Sales Professionals, this course is open to all.
30 - Switched-On Management (SOM) 9 Hours
The Switched-On Management™ Seminar is a management development program for individuals who are responsible for managing others in order to create a more effective and dynamic organization. The seminar provides a method for personal re-engineering which enables managers to adapt quickly and successfully to the changing work environment. This semianr will result strengthening existing management skills and add to these skills with surprising ease and increased levels of confidence. Open to all.
31 - Switched-On Mangement Instructor Training & Certification (SOMI) 24 Hours
Become a certified "Switched-On Management" instructor (see above) while upgrading your own business management skills so that what was once difficult becomes easy to do. Open to all.
40 - Switched-On Network Marketing (SON) 8 Hours
This exciting workshop enables participants to achieve dramatic improvements in sales performance using Brain Gym techniques to switch on for whatever they're selling.
41 - Switched-On-Network Marketing Instructor Training & Certification (SONI) 24 Hours
Become a "Switched-On-Network Marketing" Instructor (see above). Learn to use Brain Gym techniques to enable others - and yourself - to achieve dramatic improvements in your Network Marketing performance. Accredited by the National Association of Sales Professionals. Open to all.