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All Instructor/Consultants are licensed to teach Brain Gym 101. Instructor/Consultants with Letter Codes following their names have additional teaching certifications, as follows:

(B)=Optimal Brain Organization (E)=Brain Gym for Educators (M)=Movement Dynamics (V)=VisionCircles
(G)=Switched-On Golf (S)=Switched-On Selling (N)=Switched-On Network Marketing (A)=Switched-On Management
(D)=Double Doodle Play (I)=In Depth (P)=Practicum (SP)=Brain Gym for Special Education Providers
(DF)=Dominance Factor (IS)=In Synch (H)=Hands On
Country State/Province Home City First Name Last Name Letter Codes* Phone Email
Slovenia Adjovscina Masenka Rodman Madric 031-856-599 masenka.rodman at gmail com
Slovenia Brezje Mojca Vilfan (BD) +386-41-358-076 at gmail com
Slovenia Jesenice Urska Razingar 386-31-587-462 u_razingar at yahoo com
Slovenia Kamna Gorica Tadeja Rupar (BD) 386-41-929-624 tadeja.rupar at gmail com
Slovenia Krize Barbara Cankar 040-298-816 barbara.cankar2 at gmail com
Slovenia Litlja Majda Koncar (BD) 386-31-837-478 majda.koncar at guest arnes si
Slovenia Ljubljana Milica Bucar 386-4088-5812 milica.bucar at gmail com
Slovenia Ljubljana Marjeta Krejci Hrastar 386-4022-6610 fiziorch at gmail com
Slovenia Logatec Tanja Cerne 386-31-630-327 tanja.cerne at martinj hrib net
Slovenia Maribor Jasna Trapecar jasna.trapecar at gmail com
Slovenia Stanjel Tatjana Cigon 031-37-1557 tatjana.cigon at guest arnes si
Slovenia Zirovnica Jerneja Koselj 386-4153-4576 jerneja.koselj at gmail com